High quality, low-cost diagnostics for consumer lifestyle markets

Atonomics is using its proprietary platform technologies to develop professional quality, low cost diagnostics suitable for use by consumers at home as well as non-traditional healthcare venues, such as pharmacy medical centres.

 The Atolyzer® platform

The platform is designed to deliver central laboratory diagnostic performance in a consumer device. Leveraging its proprietary technologies, the Atolyzer® combines small size, ease of use, portability and low cost in a system that is based on well-established chemistries and reagents.

atonimicsThe Consumer Lifestyle opportunity

Modern consumers want to keep track of their health status. The proliferation of health apps is a testament to this. However, there are a lack of devices capable of providing meaningful content to these apps. The Atonomics platform will meet this need and meet the vision of health conscious consumers affordably monitoring their own key health metrics in the comfort of their own home.