Central lab accuracy in a low cost, easy to use point of care diagnostic

Atonomics is a specialist diagnostics company developing disruptive, accurate, low cost, easy to use diagnostic devices

Proprietary technology and clear USP

Uses proprietary micro-capillary technology to passively separate finger prick volumes of blood into cells and plasma. This allows the performance of standard assays, such as lipid panels, from small blood volumes in a low cost device. In contrast, competitors utilise either low quality paper chromatography technology or require costly membrane chemistry, pump systems or centrifugation steps.



Proven Central Lab accuracy

Matches gold standard device for Accuracy e.g. HDL cholesterol, part of the lipid panel. Results replicated in 200 subjects.


Low cost, easy to use

Blood taken with disposable cartridge containing all consumables, this is inserted into reader. Results seen on reader
and uploaded to smart phone.


Almost any standard assay can be added to the platform in ~6 months.Late stage pipeline: full lipid panel, HbA1c and C reactive protein (CRP). Many Others possible e.g.: assays for biological drugs and anti-drug antibodies, Potassium, Platelet aggregation, Melatonin, Vitamin D, Cortisol and Testosterone.


Partnering opportunities

Atonomics are seeking additional partners in the companion diagnostics, pharmacy testing, telemedicine and consumer lifestyle markets.


  • CE-mark expected for full lipid panel Q1 2017, HbA1c 2H 2017 and CRP 2H 2017