Breakthrough technology for non-invasive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

Research has shown that beta-amyloid build up in the brain, a pathological indicator of Alzheimer’s Disease, is mirrored by a similar build up in the lens of the eye. Cognoptix is developing a diagnostic for Alzheimer’s Disease based on the non-invasive detection of beta-amyloid in the lens.

The Sapphire system

cognoptix_teaserSapphire consists of an optical device and a fluorescent compound applied as an ophthalmic ointment which selectively binds to b-Amyloid in the lens of the eye. A simple eye scan, which is complete within 5 minutes, gives the physician a quantitative measurement of beta-amyloid and aids in the diagnosis of AD. This quick, non-invasive test has significant advantages over competing tests which require expensive interpretation of brain imaging results together with prior intravenous injections.


Clear unmet need

Despite beta-amyloid being a well-established hallmark of AD, currently there is no diagnostic platform able to detect it in a convenient and cost effective manner. Given the increasing need for early diagnosis of AD, this represents a major market opportunity which Cognoptix is seeking to exploit.


Robust results in Clinical Study

The results of a clinical trial showed a sensitivity of 85% and a specificity of 95% in differentiating patients who were clinically diagnosed with probable AD from a group of healthy volunteers. Planning for a pivotal study is underway.