Polyphenol extracts from sugarcane molasses for blood glucose management

Horizon develops natural products for lowering the Glycemic Index (GI) and avoiding the ‘sugar spike’ of foods and beverages. Benecarb® is a proprietary extract from sugarcane molasses which has been demonstrated to lower the GI of carb-based products while also reducing the postprandial glucose and insulin responses leading to benefits on weight management and glycemic control, and reduced risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

 High polyphenol content, low impact on organoleptics

Horizon’s proprietary sugar cane extracts contain active polyphenols known to play a role in glucose management by delaying glucose absorption and inhibiting intestinal glucose transport/uptake as well as mitochondrial effects. With low impact on organoleptic properties, formulation and manufacturing of food, these extracts are ready to use. Benecarb® is available now as a low GI sugar (LoGiCane™) and ingredient via distributors. The company is also developing these extracts in powder form for easy integration into food and beverages as well as a dietary supplement.


Strong clinical data

Benecarb® has been tested as a low GI sugar, in multiple F&B matrices and as a shot taken before a meal. Adding Benecarb® at 4-6% of total carbs lowers the GI to ≤ 55.


GI: glycemic index, II: insulin index

Polynol (no free sugars and ~25% polyphenols) is 10 times more active than Benecarb® and is sugar free. Preclinical studies show reduction in body weight and fat mass with a corresponding increase in lean body mass.