Developing the next generation of vaccines

ImmBio is developing next generation protein based vaccines for prevention & management of infectious diseases where unmet needs present a significant global healthcare burden.

Unique technology platforms

Founded on advances in the understanding of the immune system, particularly the key role of the dendritic cell (DC), ImmBio utilises two distinct technology platforms, ImmBioVax™ and ImmunoBodies™, to target antigens to DCs. The lead platform, ImmBioVax, mimics normal immune responses to a pathogen utilising multi-protein complexes to elicit priming of the immune system.

Key advantages

ImmBio’s vaccines are multi-protein vaccines which need neither the addition of adjuvants nor targeting vehicles. Key advantages arise in a number of areas, notably excellent broad efficacy, good safety and low cost.

ImmBio has secured successful phase on trial with immunogenicity data.