Pioneering innate immune drug development

Opsona is at the forefront of drug development in immunology research, with particular focus on the innate immune system – a key player in many human diseases. The company’s aim is to develop a unique and advanced range of drugs to treat and prevent autoimmune and inflammatory diseases as well as technology for cancers and infectious diseases.

Research and innovation

Opsona’s lead product, OPN-305, is a fully humanized monoclonal IgG4 antibody targeting Toll-like-receptor-2 (TLR2). Positive pre-clinical data has been generated in multiple models of diseases, including cardiac and kidney ischemia/reperfusion injuries, sepsis, cancer as well as ex – vivo models of human rheumatoid arthritis. OPN-305 is now at the stage of clinical testing


Inhibiting the inflammatory cascade

Toll-like Receptors are key regulators of the innate immune system as they recognize pathogens and endogenous ligands that drive many of the pro-inflammatory cytokines. Antagonizing TLRs and TLR signaling in dendritic cells and macrophages has the advantage of inhibiting the inflammatory cascade at an early stage in the cytokine signaling pathways, as opposed to current biologicals which typically inhibit individual cytokines.