Leading the way in the treatment of dysphagia

 Phagenesis, the world’s leading company in the treatment of dysphagia, is focused on transforming the lives of people with inability to swallow safely, using revolutionary treatments developed through a commitment to scientific and clinical excellence.

Phagenyx system

phagenesis_teaserThe treatment principle is pharyngeal electrical stimulation (PES). This involves applying an electrical signal to the pharynx through electrodes which are deployed via a catheter inserted nasally, improving swallowing function by restoring neurological control.

Clinical Trials

Phagenesis has developed the world’s first clinically-proven CE-mark device to treat dysphagia.  Studies show clinically and statistically significant improvement in swallowing function in a majority of dysphagia patients, especially in stroke patients in the first few weeks while they are hospitalized.

Phagenesis is now developing and testing a new version of its device to treat patients suffering from long-term dysphagia as well as expanding the clinical evidence base regarding the devices used in a broader range of indications causative of dysphagia.

Phagenesis has successfully met milestones triggering structured deal with Nestlé.