Innovative product for rheumatoid arthritis

Phytomedics is a clinical stage company with a new approach to treating rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The lead candidate is an oral immunomodulator with anti-inflammatory activity that results in a disease modifying effect.

Novel approach

Phytomedics has optimized a novel plant extract based on Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F  (TwHF) for efficacy and safety resulting in a novel approach to treat RA through:

  • Combined mechanism of action – powerful immune-modulatory and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Strong safety profile; oral, non-biologic with established use in China

This product has disease modifying properties with significant potential in treating other autoimmune disorders.

Safety and efficacy

Tripterygium wilfordii extract has shown superior efficacy and safety compared to standard of care in RA in 3 phase II studies. Studies show improved disease scores (ACR) along with rapid and sustained relief of clinical signs and symptoms. Inflammatory markers were reduced, with evidence of halted joint erosion and narrowing at 6 months.



This novel plant extract fulfils an important unmet need in RA and will be positioned as first-line after methotrexate.