Leading brand of flavorful, organic, green tea-based beverages

The natural channel growth leader 6 years in a row, Steaz is the leading brand of flavorful, great-tasting, all-natural, organic and fair trade Ceylon green tea-based beverages, using the highest quality ingredients sourced from socially responsible farmers and supply partners; a better way that is “good for
the mind, body and soul”.

Leading the premium market

  • Unsweetened iced green tea: no sugar added, contains 120mg of antioxidants, hint of natural lemon
  • Zero calorie iced green tea: zero sugar, zero carbs and zero calories; sweetened with 100% natural stevia, contains 120mg of antioxidants
  • Organic iced green tea: lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar, contains 120mg of antioxidants per serving
  • Organic energy: contains only sustainably sourced ingredients like guarana berries, green tea, rainforest grown yerba mate, acai and a boost of B vitamins


2013   Beverage Innovation Awards Finalist – Best Sparkling Beverage (Sparkling Green Tea Steazy Cola)

2013   Beverage Innovation Awards Finalist – Best Ready to Drink Tea (Iced Green Tea with Coconut Water)

2009   Best New Organic Beverage (Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea)

2009   Best New Carbonated Beverage (Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea)

2008   Best Tea (Organic Iced Teaz)

2008   Best Organic Beverage (Organic Iced Teaz)

2007   Best Energy Drink

2003   Best New Product (Sparkling Green Tea)

2003   Best Carbonated Soft Drink (Sparkling Green Tea)