Novel fermented, oat-based, dairy-free products

Velle is based on a traditional Karelian recipe, which was further developed and adapted for industrial production to provide consumers with unique delicious fresh fermented oat range of products. Velle products are currently available in Russia.

Healthy functional line of products

Fermented dairy-free, soy-free, low in calories, high in dietary fibers (soluble beta-glucan fiber particularly) and probiotic bacteria (lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria), products are all natural and preservative free.

The product portfolio includes tasty solutions for different consumption moments: drinkable oat, oat breakfast replacement, fruit-oat light cocktails and oat desserts.

Benefits of oats

velle_teaserSoluble oat fiber are associated with (i) contribution to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol concentrations (EFSA health claim, subject to consumption of certain daily levels of beta glucans) and (ii) may reduce the risk of heart disease

(FDA CFR claim, subject to certain levels of consumption as part of diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol).

Further public scientific evidence from numerous research and trials conducted indicates effects of soluble oat fibers in immune, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular conditions.