New Zealand market leader in natural OTC aids for GI health

Vital Food Processors develops, manufactures and sells effective 100% natural digestive aids utilizing a proprietary, patented kiwifruit extract which are clinically proven to promote bowel regularity and taken regularly help avoid episodes of bloating, flatulence, and digestive discomfort.

These products have gained a leading position in the New Zealand market and as a consequence secured a regional deal with New Zealand’s largest life science company Douglas Pharma.

 Innovative natural supplements

Our natural bowel health supplements support regular and efficient bowel function with a gentle mode of action with none of the side-effects associated with laxatives.

  • Phloe™ capsules, powder sachets and chewable tablets contain ZyactinaseTM, a proprietary kiwifruit extract that has a unique triple action of enzymes, prebiotics and fibre to assist with digestion and movement of food while maintaining healthy bowel bacteria.
  • Kiwi Crush™ functional frozen drinks also contain active enzymes and prebiotics and are high in essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Compelling clinical data

Extensive clinical research has been conducted which supports the mechanism of action, safety and efficacy. These results provide strong support for the products’ digestive health benefits in general and constipation relief in particular.